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You Need a DUI Lawyer: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Nov 16

A DUI in East Greenwich, RI is not just a minor infraction that will be quickly forgotten about. It would help if you took it seriously because DUI charges are serious and carry heavy consequences in most states. If you have been charged with DUI in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, we can help you with the legal aspects of a DUI.

What is a DUI lawyer, and why do I need one?

A DUI lawyer East Greenwich is an attorney who specializes in defending people accused of driving while under the influence. DUI lawyers typically work on a contract basis, charging clients by the hour for their services. DUI law firms charge higher rates than other types of attorneys because they often must hire experts such as forensic scientists, psychologists, and toxicologists to prove that a defendant's blood alcohol content was below the legal limit at the time of arrest or during sobriety tests performed after an accident - even when there are no signs of impairment whatsoever. DUI attorney East Greenwich will clearly explain your legal options and help you decide whether to plead guilty or take your case to trial.

How much does it cost to hire a DUI lawyer?

This depends on the lawyer and how much work they have to put into your case. An East Greenwich DUI lawyer charges different prices for their services, so you should always request an estimate before hiring a particular attorney. Dui lawyers do not charge hourly rates, so you will be charged based on the work they have to put into your case. This can include everything from researching state laws and court records to meeting with witnesses or even going out in the field to gather evidence. Dui lawyers may also ask that you pay for costs associated with getting their services upfront before working on your case, such as filing fees. Most DUI cases are settled through plea bargains- this is when a defendant pleads guilty in exchange for some leniency by the prosecution (for example, reduced charges). For more serious crimes like vehicular manslaughter, it’s usually best to plead “not guilty” unless there is overwhelming evidence against you.

DUI lawyers in East Greenwich cannot guarantee that you will win your case, but they can help determine the best course of action to take. DUI lawyers do not represent defendants for free, so it is essential to ask how much their services cost when looking for legal representation.

The benefits of having an experienced East Greenwich DUI Lawyer on your side

Having an experienced DUI Lawyer is valuable to be ignored. They can help guide you through the complex legal system of Rhode Island, and they will aggressively fight for your rights as a citizen. You must have an experienced DUI attorney such as lawyer for family violence East Greenwich and criminal defense attorney East Greenwich for you during this challenging time in your life. We highly recommend speaking with one immediately so you can begin building a solid defense against these charges right away. Do not wait until it’s too late; contact us today before it is too late. The sooner we start working on your case, the better chance we can minimize any potential consequences or penalties associated with those charges.

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