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Evaluating Injuries in a Personal Injury Case

Jan 21

How badly you have been injured plays a large part in your settlement in your injury case.  You want to find a personal injury lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA who has had practice analyzing the medical ramifications of an injury.  You want a personal injury lawyer Virginia who knows the medical jargon and will work closely with your medical team to understand your injuries.

The Future

It’s not just the cost of your current medical treatment that you need to have reimbursed. Attorney Scott R. Barney at Barney injury lawyer Virginia Beach knows that many injuries do not heal quickly.  Many injuries can take years to heal.  The cost of medical treatment in the future has to be considered when negotiating a settlement.

Some injuries not only take a long time to heal, but they also will need rehab therapy.  Joint injuries typically take physical therapy treatments several times a week for several months.  This becomes very expensive, and your Virginia beach injury lawyer must be skilled at figuring in those costs when coming up with a compensation figure.


Some injuries won’t ever heal.  For example, the loss of a limb from an accident results in permanent disability.  Your Virginia Beach injury lawyer must be able to calculate and then negotiate for the money it will take to live your life with a permanent disability.  Accommodations may need to be made to your home, and many other expensive modifications must be considered.


Sometimes, the injury lawyer Virginia Beach will make it impossible to return to your previous Virginia Beach employment.  If your leg is never going to heal properly, you can’t return to your construction job.  If your lungs have been damaged, you can’t expect to go back to a job that requires stamina.  

The costs of becoming trained for another line of work must also be considered in your settlement package.  The loss of income from losing your previous employment will also need to be addressed. 

The Unknown

It's often impossible to determine how the human body will respond after an injury. Consideration must be given to the possibility that the injury will not heal as expected.  A good personal injury attorney will also consider increases in the cost of care and the possibility that a specialist might need to be called in.  

All of these unknown factors must be accounted for when your injury lawyer in Virginia Beach reaches a settlement amount.

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