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Pennsylvania Veterans' Benefits: Mortgage Life Insurance Info

Mar 11

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Pennsylvania residents who have served in our nation's armed forces are guaranteed certain benefits for their service. Many Veterans' benefits are not well understood. This week's column will shine some light on one benefit in particular that is meant to help service member families, and that is Veterans' Mortgage Life Insurance.

VMLI is designed to help the family members of veterans pay off home mortgage loans in the event of the service member's death. There are certain eligibility requirements that one must meet to access this benefit. These eligibility requirements are:

  • The veteran utilized the adapted housing benefit
  • The title of the home is in the veteran's name
  • The veteran still had a mortgage on the home at the time of his or her death
  • The veteran applied for VMLI before his or her 70th birthday

Assuming all the eligibility requirements are met and a claim on the insurance approved, up to $200,000 may be paid to the mortgage holder to help pay off the loan. This money cannot go to anyone other than the lender. The exact amount paid will depend on how much is still owed on the home.

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, money should be one of the last things on the minds of surviving family members. Veterans' benefits like VMLI can help family members focus on grieving their loss and moving forward instead of trying to figure out how to afford everything. Pennsylvania residents who have questions about this or any other Veterans' benefit can turn to an experienced attorney for help.

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