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A Note of Reassurance

Apr 8


The Law Office of Jason R Carpenter is here to serve you. As a respected PA divorce attorney, we know how to handle difficult situations both in negotiations and as a trial lawyer. Whether you need a great defense attorney, or just a calm presence to guide you through, we are the team to call. See how easy it is working with our lawyers when you contact us today. We’re here to help with everything from personal injury to criminal defense to legal divorce. Never face the legal system for an injury or defense strategy alone when you can call Jason Carpenter!

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Good Afternoon,

In this time of uncertainty, I want to send a note of reassurance, encouragement, and hope to you all. I know that a lot is going through your mind right now with day to day issues and concerns, let alone with the uncertaintly of what is happening in your family law matter. At The Law Office of Jason R. Carpenter, we are continuing our commitment to you and are diligently working on your case. Rest assured that even though we are working remotely, we have the staff and tools to continue this new way of work for days, weeks or even months ahead.

Our communication by phone, text and email will remain open. However, at this time, text and email would be the preferred communication as it provides you with a speedier, more direct response. Please text us at 717-461-2420 or email us at [email protected].

If Attorney Carpenter or Attorney Thomsen require a meeting with you, we will arrange this via telephone or video conferencing through Facetime or Zoom. Any signature requirements can easily be obtained through electronically through email.

As things are changing daily, please know that you have our commitment and promise to keep you informed of any delays or cancelations of court hearings, appearances and procedures.

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Please take care of yourselves and be safe!, 

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