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5 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Attorney is the Best Choice for You

Jun 23

If you were injured in an accident at no fault of your own, it’s likely that you’re dealing with more than just physical pain. Injuries can be incredibly stressful, especially when a potential legal battle is on the horizon.

Recovery should be your first priority when you’ve been injured in an accident, which is why it’s so important to have an experienced personal injury attorney representing you. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons why a personal injury attorney is the best choice for you.

1. They Have Extensive Knowledge of the Law

Depending on your educational background, it’s likely that a personal injury attorney will have a much deeper understanding of the laws in your state and what they entail. Because of that, they’ll have more knowledge of what’s needed in order to prove your case.

They’ll not only have theoretical knowledge of what’s needed to build a successful case, but they’ll also have a practical understanding. It’s likely that they’ll have years of experience under their belt fighting cases much like your own.

2. They’ll Know What Your Injury Claim is Really Worth

Because of their knowledge and experience, they’ll have a clear idea of what your injury claim is actually worth. A personal injury lawyer will calculate the value of your claim based on economic losses like wages, future income, and medical expenses, as well as non-economic losses like pain and suffering and loss of quality of life.

3. They Can Handle the Insurance Company

Insurance companies can be really difficult to deal with after an accident—particularly while you’re trying to recover from an injury. The insurance company will want to offer the bare minimum. They also may try to pressure you into settling before you’re ready or before you have a complete understanding of the extent of your situation.

4. You’ll Likely Have a Better Chance of Winning

It’s important to have a complete understanding of the court system in order for your case to stand the best chance. Not having an experienced lawyer in your corner ultimately creates more work for you. There’s a higher possibility of missing deadlines that could prove detrimental for your case.

Whether the other party involved is a company with their own legal team or an individual who’s hired a lawyer, without representation yourself you could be at a big disadvantage. Keep in mind that companies and corporations likely have legal teams who are trained specifically in this type of case.

5. You Can Focus Solely on Your Recovery

Representing yourself does create so much more work for you, which can make it difficult to focus on the most important thing—your healing process. Having a trustworthy team fighting for you can reduce your stress and give you the space to recover. If you were injured in an accident and are looking for an experienced lawyer to help you fight your case, contact Grand Rapids personal injury attorney to hear how they can help.