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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Taunton, MA

Jul 2

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Taunton, MA. Our law firm is dedicated to providing quality legal services to our clients. We understand that being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience in Taunton, and we are here to help you navigate this difficult time. We will work tirelessly to get the best outcome possible for your case. Contact us today for a free consultation!

What is a criminal defense lawyer, and what do they do?

A criminal defense lawyer Taunton is a type of lawyer who specializes in defending individuals and companies who have been accused of committing a crime. Their job is to protect their client's rights, build a defense, and negotiate with prosecutors. If you have been charged with a crime, it is essential to consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to advise you on your legal rights and options and help you navigate the criminal justice system. Criminal defense lawyers are different from other lawyers because they focus exclusively on criminal law. This means that they have a deep understanding of the law and how it applies to your case.

How can a criminal defense lawyer help you if you're accused of a crime?

If you've been accused of a crime, it's essential to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer Taunton on your side. A lawyer can help you understand the charges against you and determine the best course of action. They can also represent you in court and advocate for your interests. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and will be able to navigate it effectively on your behalf. If you're facing serious charges, a good lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Don't go through this process alone - get an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side today. Taunton, MA, is home to many great lawyers who can help you with your case.

What are some of the most common defenses used by criminal defense lawyers?

Many different defenses can be used in a criminal case, and the best protection will depend on each case's specific facts and circumstances. Some of the most common reasons criminal defense lawyers Taunton use include self-defense, insanity, alibi, and mistaken identity. Self-defense is a valid defense against many crimes, including assault and battery, homicide, and robbery. To successfully use this defense, the defendant must show that they reasonably believed that they were in danger of being harmed or killed and that using force was necessary to protect themselves from this harm.

Can a criminal defense lawyer get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether?

In some cases, yes. Criminal defense lawyers work with prosecutors all the time and may be able to negotiate a reduced charge or sentence. In other cases, they may be able to get the charges dismissed entirely. If you're facing criminal charges, it's essential to talk to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to see what options are available in your case. Criminal defense lawyers can also help you if you've already been convicted of a crime. They can file appeals on your behalf and try to get your conviction overturned. If you're serving a prison sentence, a criminal defense lawyer can also try to get you released on parole or probation.

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