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Southfield Insurance Attorneys Explain the Assigned Claims Plan

Aug 3

In Southfield, MI, anyone who wants to drive a motor vehicle legally must purchase auto insurance.  Despite this mandate, it is estimated that about 21% of Southfield, Michigan drivers are driving without car insurance.

At Wigod & Falzon, we have a specialized group of Southfield personal injury lawyers focused on claims that need to be filed with the Assigned Claims Facility.  These Southfield personal injury lawyers deal with the Assigned Claims Plan daily and know exactly how it works.

Protecting Injured People Who are Uninsured

Southfield Auto Accident Attorney Many don’t carry car insurance for legitimate reasons. People might be injured in a motor vehicle accident when they are pedestrians or cycling. If a motorist hits them, they will likely have injuries and no insurance. Some people don’t own cars because they can get everywhere. 

The Point of the Assigned Claim Plan

The Michigan legislature felt they were doing a good thing by establishing an insurance plan that would provide benefits for people who didn’t have car insurance.  

But the complexity of the law has made it very difficult for people injured in an accident that was not their fault. The injured person will need insurance attorneys in Southfield at Wigod & Falzon who understand how to reimburse your bills.

How the Assigned Claim Plan Works

Our accident lawyers in Southfield know that when a Michigan resident is injured in a car accident through no fault of their own, they must get their expenses paid by the Assigned Claims Plan.  

First, the injured person has to fill out an application so that the state can determine if they are eligible for benefits.  If the state decides you are eligible, then the Assigned Claims Plan will assign your case to one of six car insurance companies.  

Help With the Application

Use the qualified Southfield insurance attorneys at Wigod & Falzon to increase your chances of qualifying for benefits.

What Happens Next

Once approved, the Assigned Claims Plan picks a car insurance company. You cannot collect any money after the insurance company has paid out $250,000. Call Wigod & Falzone to protect yourself.

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