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Best Ways to Prevent Truck Crashes

Aug 18

Truck crashes can often be more dangerous than an accident only involving passenger vehicles. The size and weight of a truck play a massive role in the severity of the crash. Things can get incredibly scary fast with a multi-ton trailer headed straight for a small car. While truck crashes aren’t always avoidable, there are still many ways we can do our best to help prevent them.

Stay Out of Their Blind Spots

Large trucks often have many mirrors to help the driver see any surrounding vehicles or obstacles close by. With that said, it’s still a good idea to avoid their blind spots at all times. Trucks need a huge amount of space when they’re switching lanes or making a turn, so always be mindful of where your vehicle is in relation to them.

Always Use Your Signal

Using clear signals on the road to indicate your next move is helpful for everyone. Making sure large trucks know where you’re headed is even more crucial. No one can predict what another driver will do behind the wheel, so giving as much of a head’s up as possible is important for everyone’s safety.

Give Them Plenty of Space

Giving 18-wheelers plenty of space is important when it comes to their blindspots or allowing them to switch lanes or make a turn safely. If something happens on the road and everyone is required to stop as quickly as possible, having lots of space between you and a large truck is imperative. If you’re in front of them, keep in mind that it take tractor-trailers far longer to come to a complete stop than it does a passenger car.

Pass With Caution

When you need to pass a large truck, be sure to clearly signal what you’re doing. Make sure they don’t plan on switching lanes as you’re coming up beside them, and pass them as swiftly as you can in a safe way.

Lower Your Brights

Double check that you haven’t left your brights on when you’re driving at night. Not only are bright headlights distracting for oncoming traffic, but they can also blind vehicles you come up behind. It’s a good idea to keep your brights off while other cars are around, particularly if they’re large trucks.

Stay Alert at All Times

Overall, staying as alert as possible behind the wheel is the most important thing you can do to help prevent a truck crash. While not every accident is avoidable, it only takes a split second for something to go wrong. Be as vigilant as you can on the road to help everyone stay safe.

A Final Note

If you do find yourself injured in a truck crash, reaching out to a lawyer you can trust is crucial in getting the support you need. Contact the experienced team at Swenson & Shelley to help get the compensation you deserve.