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Aug 18

If you are considering a new career in law enforcement or have been asked to complete a background investigation, you may be wondering what to expect. Your local police department or the state police will conduct a background investigation. The research aims to determine if you have any criminal history that would preclude you from becoming a police officer.


Background checks are becoming increasingly common. These checks used to take a long time to complete. However, more personal information is available today than ever, and it is easily accessible thanks to the Internet. This has made it possible for background checks to be completed much more quickly.


You can do a few things to prepare for your background check. First, go over your criminal history. If you have any other arrests or convictions on your record, make sure you have proof that you served your sentence and rehabilitated yourself. Obtaining character references from people who can attest to your good character is also a good idea. Finally, be prepared to honestly and openly answer any questions about your past.


Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for law enforcement officers. However, you can make the background check process go more smoothly and increase your chances of being hired by taking the time to prepare.


Why should a background check be performed?

You might want to have someone submit to a background check before:


  • Recruiting a new employee
  • Accepting a new tenant
  • Making a financial investment
  • Getting a Nanny
  • Choosing a public official (i.e. police chief or fire chief)


There is no such a thing as a standard or routine background check. Instead, it would help if you tailored the investigation to your concerns, reasons for wanting to learn more, and overall requirements. A background check can help to ensure the safety of all parties involved, whether you're hiring a new employee, or about to make a new investment.


How does a background check work?

Although automated background checks are available on the Internet, the information is frequently incomplete or inaccurate. Whether obtained from the Internet or another source, each record must validate each document. A private investigator can provide you with detailed and accurate information about a person while ensuring the information's accuracy.


Online Background Check Issues and Limitations

  • Not every record is available online.
  • The data may not be correct or up to date.
  • Must still confirm the record's authenticity must still confirm the record's authenticity.
  • This does not include checking references, previous employers, degrees, etc.


Collaboration with the Investigator

By conducting interviews and researching the person's professional and personal history, a background check investigator can provide additional information about the person's character. Working with an investigator is the best way to ensure the information you receive is accurate and reliable.


Information You Need

Having as much information as possible can help you to expedite the background investigation. You might be interested in the following information:


  • Full name, including middle initial
  • Date and place of birth
  • Number of Social Security
  • Schools attended and degrees awarded
  • Previous employers


Although having all of the above is ideal, a good investigator can research a person with very little information.


Whitesell Investigative Services conducts thorough and professional background investigations. We can help ensure that you are not about to go out on a date with a criminal, sex offender, or anything of the like, whether you are going on a blind date or meeting someone through an online dating app. Background checks can give you peace of mind, answer unknown questions, and help you move forward.


Please contact us if you have any further questions about background checks or the hiring process. We would be happy to help you through every step of the process.


Thank you for considering a career in law enforcement!