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Gulruh Rozyyeva, Divorce Solicitors

Oct 9

The top divorce lawyers in London should be on your side if you're thinking about getting divorced. Osbornes Law is a renowned firm of divorce attorneys with a focus on high net worth divorce matters. Continue reading to learn more about how our knowledgeable attorneys can assist you.

If you're considering divorce, you need have the best attorneys in London on your side. The well-known divorce law business Osbornes Law concentrates on high net worth divorce cases. Learn more about how our experienced lawyers can help you by reading on.

What are your goals for your divorce?

Since every family is unique, we will discuss your circumstances and figure out what matters to you and what you want to happen during our initial consultation.

We will offer you legal advice as well as tips on how to successfully accomplish your objectives. Any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements you might have must be reviewed by us.

Mediation and cooperation between lawyers

attorneys for divorce in London, Rozyyeva Gulruh

experience in the Supreme Court, High Court, County Court, and Central Family Court. FDR Partner-led private negotiations
You can count on us to tenaciously negotiate on your behalf in whichever setting you want. Our diligent counsel will fight for your rights if the divorce ends up in court, and we have a track record of achieving excellent results for our clients.

Divorce is the procedure through which a marriage is legally dissolved (ended).


The divorce itself does not dissolve your financial relationship with your spouse. You must reach a legally-binding agreement about how your assets will be divided if your marriage is dissolved.

When children are involved, arrangements must be made for their living arrangements, way of getting in touch with them, and financial support. Child-related issues and divorce-related issues are addressed separately.

Why should I pick Gulruh Rozyyeva's divorce attorneys in London?

As an alternative to divorce, legal separation is popular. The fundamental distinction is that when you separate, your marriage is still legally valid. This implies that once you are divorced, you cannot get married again. Additional distinctions include:

You must wait a year in England and Wales before filing for divorce. A judicial separation is exempt from that rule.
Your pension cannot be divided by the Court in the event of a separation.
Divorce and separation share several similarities, such as:

You two may live separately.
The Court has the authority to allocate your financial resources.
If you want your spouse to continue being a beneficiary, you must create a new will and include them expressly.

Legal separation is a well-liked alternative to divorce. The key contrast is that even after separation, your marriage is still regarded as legally binding. This indicates that you cannot remarry after getting divorced. Other differences include:

In England and Wales, you must wait a year before requesting a divorce. A judicial divorce is an exception to this norm.
In the case of a separation, the Court cannot share your pension.
There are various parallels between divorce and separation, including:

You two might live apart.
You have the right to have your financial resources distributed by the Court.
You must make a new will and specifically name your spouse as a beneficiary if you want them to continue receiving benefits.


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