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Dec 20

If you are involved in an accident in Smithtown, NY that was caused by another person's negligence, you deserve compensation to cover the damages and losses incurred. The compensation will help cover the treatment expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering, among other losses. Seeking compensation should be seamless, but you will likely encounter many hurdles along the way. That is why you need one of the trusted Smithtown, car accident lawyers to assist you with the case. Law Office of Carl Maltese is a top-rated law firm with competent lawyers who will help you. Here is how we will help you.

We Will Investigate 

One of the main challenges victims face when seeking compensation is the lack of proof that the other party was responsible for the accident. If you don't prove that the other party was negligent, you will likely not get the compensation you deserve. But our Long Island Car Accident Lawyer will help you. We will investigate the case by talking to the eyewitnesses, watching CCTV camera footage at the time of the accident, checking police reports, and even visiting the scene of the accident to collect more evidence. Long Island Car Accident Lawyer will use the evidence to prove that the other party was not responsible and their negligence led to the accident. This will increase your chances of getting fair compensation.

We Will Negotiate with the Negligent Party

After gathering all the evidence pointing to the negligent party, we will be confident to negotiate with them. Our Long Island Car Accident Attorney will approach them and negotiate a fair settlement to close the case. The attorney will consider all the benefits you are entitled to and will convince the other party to pay what you deserve. When the negligent party knows that you have a strong case and a competent Long Island Car Accident Attorney is on your side, they will likely offer you fair compensation.

We Will Represent You in Court

If the negligent party doesn't offer a fair settlement at the negotiation table, the case will end up in court. Our Long Island Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer will prepare all the paperwork and represent you in court. Additionally, the lawyer will guide you throughout the legal process so that you don't make a mistake that can give the other party an advantage to win the case. The lawyer will not rest until the case is ruled in your favor and you are awarded fair compensation.

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