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What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Lawyers in Orange County

Feb 2

Are you or someone you know in Orange County, California, looking for legal representation regarding a dog bite issue? You'll want to make sure you obtain experienced and knowledgeable legal advice, as state dog bite laws vary. Read on to discover the critical elements of Dog Bite Lawyer in the Orange County area and the importance of obtaining an attorney who understands the laws and regulations of this often complicated area.

When To Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer

To protect yourself and make sure you are compensated for any damages sustained, it’s essential to hire a qualified Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer. A good dog bite lawyer will understand the laws and regulations that govern dog bite cases, know the medical bills associated with treating dog bite injuries and work to get you the best possible settlement. So when should you consider hiring a dog bite lawyer? Generally, you should hire a Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer if:

  1. You have sustained physical injuries from a dog attack. You may be entitled to compensation if you were bitten or attacked by a dog and sustained physical injuries. A dog bite lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and ensure you receive the maximum recovery for your losses.
  2. You have suffered emotional damage from a dog attack. You may be entitled to compensation for these damages, and a qualified Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer can help you determine the amount of compensation you are eligible for. Dog attacks can be highly traumatic experiences and often leave victims with long-term emotional or psychological trauma. 
  3. The dog owner denies liability or refuses to cooperate with the legal process. If the dog’s owner is not accepting responsibility for the attack, it’s essential to hire a dog bite lawyer to help you in your case. A good Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer will be familiar with the laws governing these types of cases and will be able to represent your interests to make sure you receive the best settlement possible.

The Cost of Hiring A Dog Bite Lawyer in Orange County

The cost of hiring a Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer can vary significantly across different jurisdictions and firms. On average, the cost of hiring a dog bite lawyer in Orange County may range from free consultations up to thousands of dollars depending on the lawyer’s experience, the case's complexity, and whether you’re filing a lawsuit or seeking a pre-litigation settlement. And even if you opt for a free consultation, you may still be liable for other costs, such as filing and court costs.

You may charge an hourly or flat fee if you hire a lawyer to represent you in a dog bite case. More experienced and skilled attorneys may charge higher fees, but they may also be better equipped to resolve your case successfully. It is essential to remember that hiring a lawyer is less expensive than going without one and taking on the responsibility of representing yourself.

Sometimes, a lawyer may agree to a contingency fee arrangement, meaning they won’t get paid unless and until they win your case.  This can be beneficial if you cannot pay the expensive legal fees of hiring a lawyer. Under a contingency fee arrangement, the lawyer will typically receive a percentage of your compensation in a settlement or judgment. That percentage can vary depending on the lawyers, but it is typically between 25 and 40%. In addition to lawyer’s fees, you may also be responsible for other out-of-pocket expenses such as filing, court, and expert witness fees.  These costs can significantly add up, and discussing them with your lawyer before entering a fee agreement is essential.

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