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GetMediation: Family Mediation and Divorce: Get The Most From It

Apr 2

Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, couples who are considering separation or divorce can find it difficult to reach an agreement. Both parties can feel frustrated and upset by the situation. It can be difficult for each party to speak up and ensure each person is satisfied. GetMediation Birmingham can help. Our team offers MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting Sessions), Family Mediation, and Divorce mediation services to ensure that couples in Birmingham have the best possible divorce or separation.

MIAM is a government-funded program that gives couples the chance to meet with an accredited mediator to discuss the best options. It provides a forum for couples to discuss financial settlements, child custody, and other co-parenting issues in a confidential, non-judgmental setting. GetMediation Birmingham's MIAMsessions employ Specialist Family Mediators who ensure that all conversations are kept confidential and foster communication between the partners. A MIAMsession is a great way to gain a more constructive and positive view of your relationship than either litigation or arbitration. A mediator can help the couple, or they can work out their own solutions. This allows the couple to come up with their own solutions without having to listen to a third party.

Family Mediation Birmingham is a faster and cheaper way for couples to find a solution. Couples can quickly resolve disputes without the need to wait for court proceedings. This is particularly important for couples with significant assets and child custody disputes to resolve. The cost savings of MIAM Birmingham and Family Mediation are significant. GetMediation Birmingham's experienced mediators work with partners to reach a fair and equitable settlement. We also explain the legal implications of any decisions made during the Mediation process. Each party is encouraged to take part in the discussions and allow for the honest sharing of information. Couples in Birmingham can feel confident that it will be in the best interest of their relationship with our neutral mediators.

Divorce Mediation Birmingham from GetMediation Birmingham allows couples to come up with their own agreements outside of the public courts. This facilitates productive and respectful discussions on divorcing matters so that both sides can come to an agreement. This process is more personal than if each person had to go through the courts, which can often be impersonal and costly. There are no two divorces the same. GetMediation Birmingham is able to tailor its services to the specific needs of each client. We create a safe, confidential, and professional environment. We also practice impartiality. We also offer Children Mediation Birmingham.

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