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Maritime Accidents & Injuries

Aug 1

Seamen, sailors and other workers who work on the water face significant hazards. Their line of work requires them to be near heavy machinery and flammable materials, often in severe weather conditions. As a result, major injuries are not uncommon. Injured seamen and other workers are able to claim compensation from their employers under maritime-specific laws including the Jones Act and Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. However, insurers often attempt to limit the amount of compensation injured parties receive for their on-the-job injuries. The assistance of an experienced maritime injury lawyer from our firm is essential to obtaining the full amount of damages under the law.

The first step following a maritime injury is to seek medical attention immediately. Getting immediate treatment not only helps protect your health but also creates documentation that will support your claim for financial compensation. In addition, if you can, be sure to write down all that you remember about the incident and accident while it is still fresh in your mind. Having this information will help your attorney build a strong case on your behalf.

Injured seaman and workers must seek the help of an experienced maritime injury attorney as soon as possible following a workplace accident. This is because most jurisdictions have a statute of limitations that limits the time period in which injured parties may file a lawsuit. If the statute of limitations elapses, injured parties may be unable to obtain fair compensation. In addition, an early consultation with a maritime injury attorney will also allow our team to begin investigating the facts of your case and gathering crucial evidence, such as witness contact information, medical records and the location where the accident occurred.

Maritime Injury Law Firm

John Robin Law is highly skilled at prosecuting claims against employers and vessel owners under the Jones Act, Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and other applicable federal and state laws. Our team of lawyers will investigate the incident, interview witnesses and visit the scene of your accident to gather important evidence for your claim. Our attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, but if negotiations are not successful we will fight aggressively in court for the maximum compensation that the law allows.

In many cases, our clients recover compensatory damages that include economic (or monetary) and non-economic damages. Economic damages can include current and future medical expenses related to your injuries, lost wages, property damage, and loss of earning capacity. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. In some instances, our lawyers are able to successfully pursue punitive damages against negligent vessel owners and employers that have caused injury to seamen.

Our New York maritime injury law firm can handle claims involving tug boats, barges, container ships, cruise ship accidents, commercial fishing boat injuries, recreational boating accident victims, yacht accidents and dock and pier accidents. We have experience representing clients who have claims against large corporations, foreign ship owners and private vessel owners.