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A case administration platform for the pandemic [Sponsored]

While many discuss the coronavirus pandemic as a force that dramatically changed the workplace in 2020, few notice the extent to which it has revolutionized the way lawyers interact with their colleagues and clients – and the new expectations clients now have of that interaction with law firms.

Professionals of all types have focused on effectively communicating with clients and employees remotely for the past six months, and many clients now expect them to speak to their attorney in a far more rational and direct manner, and even execute legal documents.

To help lawyers navigate this changing landscape, the comprehensive case management platform MyCase recently added three new features. The functions are based on the cloud-based functionality of MyCase, so that lawyers can optimize and organize collaboration in a virtual office environment.

In particular, the new functions are free for MyCase users. Here we give an overview of the new additions.

Manage your contracts with ESignature templates and CounterSignature

My case eSignature templates and Countersignature have optimized the document signing process. These functions interact seamlessly with the larger case management system and eliminate the need to use different platforms.

The tools allow you to set up templates that can be sent periodically without having to create the document from scratch. They also allow multiple signatories and countersigners to fill out these forms at the same time – all from one simple, user-friendly interface.

ESignature templates and CounterSignature simplify the document execution process for those who can’t have face-to-face meetings or want a faster and more convenient document signing process. If a document requires multiple signatures, there is no need for an extensive procedure that can result in multiple mailings or other logistical difficulties.

It’s also fully integrated with the rest of the MyCase platform, which users are already using for areas as diverse as internal communications, customer communications, and billing. When users need to review a contract, it’s right next to where they would review notes and other documents, making the whole matter easy to manage.

Keep your customers close with 2-way text

MyCase also offers 2-way textCompany members can send SMS to their customers from their desktop or smartphone. This feature does not mix personal and customer communications, or disclose personal contact information.

Company members simply navigate to a specific case and send the customer an SMS directly. The message is displayed as a normal text message on the customer’s personal device.

All messages are organized according to the case they are assigned to and are also available in a general text messaging inbox. For added convenience, there is one-click access to keep track of SMS spent on billing purposes so you don’t miss any billable time.

When you are not in the office or on your desktop, this functionality is also linked to the MyCase mobile application.

Communicate with your team via the internal chat

As chat platforms continue to make advances in internal communication across a number of industries, MyCase now offers law firms internal chat capabilities.

The platform is new Internal chat Allows corporate members assigned to a case to communicate instantly with their colleagues in a way that is fully integrated with the rest of the case, avoiding the added cost and inconvenience of moving between multiple systems.

MyCase users can find Internal chat At the bottom right of your screen, no matter where you are in the software, you never miss a message.

Navigating the pandemic

These new features, available at no additional cost, are aimed directly at the challenges of today’s legal remote workspace.

Virtual contract execution is becoming increasingly important as wet ink signature requirements become simpler. SMS is used as the primary means of instant communication because email response times are less secure. And today’s “shout down the hall” often happens in online chat software.

If you want to get to know the virtual office environment of MyCase, Click here to sign up for a free trial (no credit card required). If you’re already a MyCase customer, consider this as a friendly reminder to find out how these new offerings can improve your practice.

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