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A ‘Great Year of Recruiting’: Jones Day Nabs 9 Court Clerks

(Photo by Fred Schilling, Board of Trustees of the Supreme Court)

It is definitely still the case that we are recruiting in the Supreme Court. Any company would be fortunate to have an employee. So I still take this good news to be the fact that we are still recruiting in the Chambers. I can’t speak to what motivated other people to make the decisions they made. I just think the evidence, on some level, is in the numbers. We have nine, including two, some of whom would hold the more liberal judges.

– Traci Lovitt, Jones Day Legal & Appeals Practice, comments on the number of former court clerks the company hired from the 2019-20 Supreme Court tenure. The company’s nine SCOTUS employees include two former employees from the chambers of the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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