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Affiliate Compensation Scorecard: Biglaws 2020 Bonus Bonanza

Ever since we posted the news of the US law firm employee bonus market bonus – a trend followed by Baker McKenzie on Wednesday November 11, 2020 and Cravath on Monday, November 23, 2020 (with the addition of Special bonuses) – many companies quickly agreed and adapted to the scale. When will your company announce their bonuses?

As usual, we are creating a table of all the companies that have already reached the new bonus scale, regardless of whether special bonuses are or were included, the minimum hours required to receive these bonuses (if available) and the date on to whom these bonuses are paid. Today we are unveiling this table for your viewing pleasure. We will update this table daily, sometimes multiple times, as bonus news is announced. If you see any information here that is inaccurate or needs clarification, please let us know.

Help us to help you now (and if / when you decide to move sideways in the future). Let us know what your company’s minimum billing hours are for bonus eligibility and when your company will pay these bonuses. You will usually need to stay with your company until the payout date to receive them, as stated in most memos. This could make it all the more difficult for you to leave your job.

As a reminder, we love to cover the Biglaw Bonus Season, however we need your help. As soon as your company’s bonus memo is published, please send it to us by email (subject: “[Firm Name] Bonus “). We always keep our sources of bonus stories anonymous. You don’t have to send the memo via your permanent e-mail account. Your personal e-mail account is fine. Please enclose the memo as proof. We would like to Offer full bonus notes as a service to our readers, you can take a photo of the memo and attach it as an image if you are concerned about metadata in a PDF or Word file.

Don’t forget, if you would like to sign up for ATL’s bonus notifications, please enter your email address in the field below. If you have previously signed up for the bonus notifications, there is nothing to do. You will receive an email notification within minutes of every bonus announcement we publish. Cheers to a happy bonus season, everyone!

Match date
Matched special bonuses
Minimum hours
Payout date
Baker McKenzie
2019 Class: $ 15,000
Class of 2012+: $ 100,000 FIRST MOVER
November 11, 2020 No No TBA Cravath
2020 Class: $ 15,000 (pro-rata)
Class of 2013: $ 100,000 November 23, 2020 Yes None December 18, 2020 Paul Weiss
2020 Class: $ 15,000 (pro-rata)
2013+ Class: $ 100,000 November 23, 2020 Yes None December 18, 2020 Cleary
2020 Class: $ 15,000 (pro-rata)
2013+ Class: $ 100,000 November 24, 2020 Yes None December 22, 2020 Skadden
2019 Class: $ 15,000
2013+ Class: $ 100,000 or $ 110,000 November 24, 2020 Yes 1,800 “Productive Hours”; Additional $ 10,000 Class of 2014+ Bonuses Available for “Exceptional Achievement” December 18, 2020 Milbank
Class of 2020: $ 15,000
Class of 2012: $ 100,000 November 24, 2020 Yes None On or before December 31, 2020

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