Angelina Jolie's attorney setback an enormous win for Brad Pitt in custody battle – The Information Worldwide

Hollywood ex-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody battle recently faced another slap on the streets after the ex-couple's attorney pulled out of the case.

However, this could be a positive sign for the Fight Club, as two top lawyers explain, telling Priya Sopori's goodbye to the exes' custody battle.

Raoul Felder, top divorce attorney, explained the whole situation when quoted by HollywoodLife: “If I were Mr. Pitt, I would be delighted from these court documents because there aren't many worse things that could happen than this. It basically means that something bad is happening in the petitioners' case. "

"Either she's just not following the attorney's advice or there is a reason the attorney just wants to get out of the case," he said.

"So I would be very happy if I were Brad Pitt. He can say, listen, she couldn't get on with her own lawyer, look at that. It's a very reputable firm and lawyers think very carefully before they say anything That enough is enough and they want out. That lawyer said, "Enough is enough and I want out." There's no part of it that reflects Angelina well, "Felder said.

"It only sends a totally negative message. So lawyers only do this when it becomes impossible." I suspect there must be more to the story. But we really can't say anything from this document other than that the lawyer says, "Hey judge, I want out and I don't want to defend this woman anymore."

"Lawyers are unable to move away from their clients, especially a reputable firm like this one. So there's a sub-story here somewhere that doesn't do Angelina any good," he continued.

Regarding Sopori's withdrawal, Felder said, "It usually happens to very difficult people who don't want to follow a lawyer’s instructions. Lawyers represent people."

“You are responsible for continuing until either the client releases you or you work out consent. Otherwise, this is the last resort that you will have to present to the judge. This is a highly respected company, I can't see why they would want to leave a case other than anything I can imagine to be of no help to Angelina, ”he added.

Commenting on Sopori's departure, Kelly Chang Rickert, another top family attorney, said, "This form is usually submitted after the verdict is passed and the attorney's job is done for them to retire."

“It's a strange thing for them because the judgment wasn't entered and the document even says N / A. I think what probably happened is that this company was hired to do a limited amount of advice and stopped working. But it's not really the right form to submit, ”she said.

"It's only used when the case is over and the lawyer's job is done. So in my opinion this is an improperly filed form and they have probably been doing some limited consultation, and after a limited amount they would have one Need to file resignation. They were co-counsel. But I still claim it was the wrong form, "she added.

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