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Anyone else doesn’t like Elon Musk’s tweets

As we’ve seen, Elon Musk doesn’t shy away from tangling up with the authorities on his time and again favorite social media platform, unless those authorities are part of the Chinese government. Well, after some deliberation, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board reviewed the Tesla boss’s Twitter story, determined it wasn’t, and therefore urged Musk to do what he does best again.

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that Tesla was breaking labor laws by firing a union activist, and when CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter in 2018, “Nothing prevents the Tesla team at our auto plant from voting for the union. Could do this if they wanted to. But why pay union dues and give up stock options for nothing? “

Among other things, the federal agency has ordered Tesla to ask Musk to remove his offensive tweet and offer a job to the resigned employee Richard Ortiz. Tesla must also compensate Ortiz for lost earnings, benefits, and adverse tax consequences resulting from his layoff.

Like the SEC before it, the NLRB has apparently failed to take into account that it appears Twitter’s goal is to cast shadows on government officials.

Congress asked the three CEOs to answer “yes or no” to a number of complicated, comprehensive questions. Legislators were sometimes interrupted when CEOs tried to come up with longer answers.

During the hearing [Twitter CEO Jack] Dorsey tried his hand at the tactic by tweeting a poll that was just a question mark asking Twitter users to vote “yes” or “no …”.

While facing Congress, the 44-year-old also liked tweets indicating that lawmakers were mispronouncing Pichai’s name as well as the CEO’s cutting off in the middle of the sentence.

Dorsey, who founded Twitter in 2006, confirmed to another Twitter user that he was barefoot at the hearing.

Unfortunately for @Jack, he hasn’t gotten around to banning all politicians from his platform yet.

Democratic MP Kathleen Rice picked up Dorsey’s tweet and asked him, “Mr. Dorsey, what wins, yes or no, on your Twitter account poll?”

Dorsey said that “yes” was at the top. Rice replied, “Hmm, your multitasking skills are pretty impressive.”

Well done Jack. That will convince them to go easy on you.

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