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AR-15 attorney arrested for threatening to kill Democratic senators

On Inauguration Day, January 21, 2021, Pennsylvania attorney Kenelm L. Shirk III, 71, was arrested by state police at a gas station on his way to Washington, DC. According to police documents, Shirk was found with an AR-15 rifle, two small arms, a large amount of ammunition, a rope and gloves. He has been tried in federal court on charges of terrorist threats against members of the Senate murderer.

The search for Shirk reportedly came while his wife was seeking his involuntary engagement, indicating that he had threatened to kill both her and elected officials. According to the ABA Journal, following his arrest, Shirk was rushed to a hospital for investigation, where he allegedly put the murder of government officials on his to-do list:

Police took Shirk to a hospital for a mental health evaluation after he was arrested. At the hospital, Shirk reportedly made a statement that he would kill his wife, “but not today.” He allegedly told a nurse that he was planning to make a gift for his granddaughter at his son’s house and that he had to leave early so he could reach government officials’ homes before they went to work. He also allegedly said he would shoot the officers in their front gardens.

A nurse also said she found miniature crosses on Shirk, “almost as if [he] wanted to leave her at his crime scene. “

At the time of his arrest, Shirk was the Akron County attorney in Lancaster, PA.

Shirk’s attorney, Jay Abom, claims his client never intended violence: “Despite the occurrence and allegations, he never intended to harm or kill anyone.”

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