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Associate in a legislation agency receives Toy Dick from colleague

The holiday season is often fraught with all kinds of landmines. And while the pandemic has halted personal gatherings for 2020, there was still a lot to navigate, such as giving gifts. Finding the perfect gift is a challenge, and this story is about a lawyer who was very, very wrong about his spirit of donation.

At leading UK law firm Howes Percival, attorneys held a secret gift exchange with Santa to partake in the holiday spirit. Because of COVID, they had to send the tokens directly to each other. A partner in the company received a stress ball from her secret Santa Claus. And that could be a sweet and appropriate gift for someone who works in a high pressure job like a partner in a law firm … unless it was in the shape of a penis. That takes it from acceptable to NOT OK really quickly.

As reported by our friends at Roll On Friday:

“It was a ‘whodunnit’ case until the male lawyer confessed,” the partner’s insider told the partner.

Howes Percival did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the crushable member’s talent.

It turned out to be a male bankruptcy attorney. No word yet about the consequences he had for this wildly inappropriate gift.

I know men often think their member is God’s gift to the world, but that takes it a bit.

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