Attorney: Adam Toledo had no gun in hand when he was shot dead by Chicago police – NBC Chicago

Adam Toledo’s family lawyer said the 13-year-old was not holding a gun when he was shot dead by a Chicago police officer.

The family did not attend a press conference in La Grange Park late Thursday afternoon. The lawyer said the family was in great pain after seeing the body cam video of the shooting, which was released to the public by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Thursday.

“(It was) especially moving, sad, depressing to see a 13-year-old boy shot into the officer’s hands,” she said. “For those of you with children, you can relate to some of the pain the Toledos are feeling today.”

The body camera video showing the shooting starts with about 1 minute and 45 seconds, during which the officer drives to the scene in the Little Village neighborhood before getting out of his vehicle and running down an alley.

“Police, stop! Stop fucking immediately,” the police officer can be heard screaming when Adam stops near a fence that borders a parking lot at the end of the alley. Toledo then turns to the officer with his hands up.

You can hear the officer yelling, “Hey, show me your damn hands, drop them, drop them.” He fired a shot when Adam turned and raised his hands just under 20 seconds after the officer got out of his vehicle.

When Adam turns and raises his hands, a flashing light illuminates him and the footage from the body camera appears to show that both of the boy’s hands are empty.

“These videos speak for themselves,” she said. “Adam didn’t have a weapon in his hand in the last second of his life.”

A surveillance video from across the parking lot, filmed from a distance, appears to show Adam making a throwing motion with his right hand behind the fence before turning to face the approaching officer. At that time the officer fired.

“So I would like to make it especially clear now that this child will comply with the officer’s request, drop the gun, turn around, the officer will see that his hands are up and pull the trigger,” he said.

The Cook County Assistant State attorney said Toledo had a gun in his right hand when he was shot dead by police during a hearing for 21-year-old Ruben Roman over the weekend.

A spokesman for the SAO traced these comments on Thursday.

“A lawyer who works in this office did not fully inform himself before speaking in court,” a spokesman for the office responded in a statement to questions about whether or not the teenager was actually holding a gun at the time of the shooting Not . “Such errors cannot occur and this has been fixed with the person concerned. The video speaks for itself.”

Attorney Adeena Weiss Ortiz spoke on behalf of Toledo’s family about the body cam video being difficult for the family to see.

Farragut High School surveillance video offers a different angle. The family’s lawyer believes Toledo threw the gun behind the fence before turning to face the police officer.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability and the Cook County Attorney’s Office are investigating the shootings. The lawyer was saying the family only wants justice for Adam.

“I don’t know if the officer had enough time or not, all I know is that the officer is trained not to shoot an uninjured person, not to shoot an uninjured child,” she said.

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