Attorneys for nephew charged with uncle’s homicide file emergency movement to see shopper beneath lockdown – KGBT-TV

HARLINGEN, Texas – All three Cameron County jails continue to remain under lockdown, as COVID-19 continues to spread amongst inmates and jailers.

The attorney for Salomon Campos Jr., who is charged with the murder of his uncle and well known criminal defense attorney Ernesto Gonzales, has filed an emergency motion for safe access to his client while in detention.

Campos’ defense team at the Law Offices of Ernesto Gamez, filed an emergency motion because he says he cannot have safe access to his client while in the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center.

On July 15 all Cameron County Detention Centers were placed under lockdown.

According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, over 400 inmates and jailers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Campos is charged with murder, aggravated kidnapping and stalking in connection to his uncle’s disappearance three years ago.

Last month, police found Ernesto Gonzales’ remains on Salomon Campos’ property, but his attorney said the lockdown at the jails violates their attorney-client privilege.

They say it makes it impossible to help form a defense.

“Others might mention or suggest, you can speak to Mr.Campos on the phone, you can speak to Mr. Campos via Zoom. Yes, technically you can, as vigorous counsel, in no way shape or form we tend to violate his privilege, his right to privacy with communications with us as his counsel. We are all aware that those conversations are valiantly recorded, listened to, scrutinized, and archived,” said Erin Gamez, legal counsel for Campos.

Gamez says before the lockdown and before they were made aware of jailers and inmates testing positive for COVID-19 they experienced long wait times to see their client due to the shortage of jailers.

According to Gamez, there is no scheduled date for Campos’ trial.

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