Attorneys search arrest of SSP Sukkur for extrajudicial murders – The Information Worldwide

SUKKUR: Lawyers from the Sukkur, Pano Aqil and Khairpur district bar associations held protests against the extrajudicial murder of their colleague by the Sukkur police on Monday. The lawyers also boycotted the district courts proceedings against the out-of-court assassination of a lawyer from Faisalabad Aijaz Arain by Sukkur police and held protests against the incident in various cities in Sindh. The attorney representatives said the SSP Sukkur Irfan Sammo and his team allegedly killed attorney Aijaz Arain in an extrajudicial murder. They also called for the transfer of the SSP Sukkur and registration of an FIR against the entire police party, as the investigative committee held them, including the SSP Sukkur Irfan Sammo, responsible for the extrajudicial murder of the lawyer. The investigative committee had also proposed departmental measures against the SSP.

Meanwhile, lawyers accused the SSP of Sukkur of being the mastermind behind the entire incident, having ordered fake FIRs and encounters with innocent citizens to be registered. They said the SSP had also registered fake and motivated FIRs against journalists. The lawyers called for SSP Sukkur Irfan Sammo to be arrested.

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