Baltimore Metropolis Prosecutor’s Workplace clears greater than 800 different open warrants for low-level crimes – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Baltimore Prosecutor’s office Marilyn Mosby has cleaned up more than 800 additional open warrants for low-level crimes the office is not pursuing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, officials said Thursday.

The most recent wave includes 829 arrest warrants ranging from drug possession to prostitution to minor traffic offenses and trespassing. Mosby’s office said in a press release that people were still being arrested on warrants for cases they did not want to prosecute.

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In June, city prosecutors dismissed 586 additional cases related to low-level crimes. The cumulative total is now 1,415.

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Mosby’s office said they would send a letter to those who turned cases down. Here users can also view their case status online. Cases that have been dismissed have “NOLLE PROSEQUI” listed under Charge and Injunction Information and have “WARR” and a current hearing date from the time the cases were dismissed.

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