Bergen Community College settles the sex discrimination lawsuit for $ 145,000

Begen Community College is resolving a lawsuit from an employee who claims she was a victim of sexual harassment.

Earlier this month, Begen Community College agreed to settle a lawsuit on behalf of an employee who alleged that he was a victim of sexual harassment. According to the lawsuit, the clerk alleged that Brian Agnew, the college’s former executive vice president, “sexually molested her and that the institution’s officials failed to properly screen him prior to hiring him.”

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In addition to Agnew, the school, its board of trustees, and the human resources manager were named as defendants in the sex discrimination lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in January 2020.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Agnew was “a particular danger to women in the workplace” and noted that “he had problems in previous jobs”. Last month, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit and “closed all pending motions in the case last month” after the matter was resolved and “an order was signed on February 2.” The dollar amount of the settlement is not yet known, but it is estimated at approximately $ 145,000.

What exactly happened What prompted the employee to file the lawsuit. Well, according to the complaint, the “Agnew met with her privately and asked personal questions, including whether her marriage was difficult and whether he could trust her.” When she told Agnew that she had been contacted by another institution for an interview, he allegedly said, “I thought you were telling me that you were secretly in love with me.”

In addition, the alleged suit attempted to get Agnew to try to kiss the clerk and “repeatedly asked her to meet with him on her days off outside of work and texted her while she was on vacation.” To make matters worse, she claimed she “felt compelled to play games like ’20 questions’ with Agnew for fear of losing her job.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the lawsuit went on to claim that the employee’s employees had faced similar harassment and that Human Resources had done nothing to prevent it. In fact, five more women have filed sexual harassment complaints over the years while Agnew was working at Georgian Court University in Lakewood.

Shortly after filing the recent lawsuit, Agnew left school and is currently working as a “Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker”.

In response to the settlement, Bergen Community College made the following statement:

“We are constantly reviewing our operating protocols and practices to continually improve the support we receive from our students, faculties, staff, and the community.”


NJ College is settling an employee’s discrimination lawsuit against the former top official for $ 145,000

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