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Biglaw and GCs join forces and speak out against attempts to suppress the vote

Equal access to voting is a fundamental right in the United States. The goal of any elected official should be to make voting easier, not more difficult, for all eligible voters. Electoral laws that place unnecessary barriers and hindrances to the franchise and deprive underrepresented groups are a significant step backwards for all Americans. More than ever, courageous leadership is required from our elected officials. We, the undersigned managing partners of the law firm and general counsel to the corporations, condemn all efforts to restrict the constitutional right of every legitimate American to vote and to participate in our democracy.

– A statement issued by Brad Karp, chairman of Paul Weiss and chairman of the Legal Action Center, denouncing attempts to disenfranchise voters, signed and endorsed by the heads of 62 Am Law 100 law firms and 19 general counselors. “It’s just the right thing,” said Lucy Fato, General Counsel of AIG. “I don’t see it as a political problem. I consider it an American problem. “Fato rallied GCs at other companies to support the voter suppression declaration.

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