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Biglaw associate crouching in Disney Mansion? Wait what

This is a pretty insane set of allegations.

Former Disney CFO Lawrence Rutkowski alleged in a housing court affidavit that Willkie Farr partner A. Mark Getachew is sitting in Rutkowski's mansion. The Connecticut Housing Court is different from your local Housing Court.

Apparently Rutkowski rented a mansion in Connecticut to Getachew, but now Getachew is no longer paying rent and with the existing ban on clearing pandemics, Rutkowski has no recourse.

"It's clear that they have no intention of paying rent – now or in the future, because they know Governor [Ned] Lamont is continuing to extend the moratorium on non-eviction."

Rutkowski's statement: "It is clear that they seem to expect me to comply with state law even though it is not convenient for me," which is not the most compelling argument on the market. Obviously the eviction moratorium is supposed to help families who cannot make ends meet in this crisis and not biglaw partners, for example, but this is where the next wrinkle comes into play.

Because, according to court records, Getachew does not stiffen Rutkowski for fun on rent. Getachew only raised the housing court case after finding out that Rutkowski's house required a series of repairs that Rutkowski had failed to reimburse. Getachew claims to withhold the rent to cover the cost of the repair.

But the Getachews claim Rutkowski lied when he said the pool, hot tub and waterfall were "in good condition," and their complaint alleged Rutkowski knew there were problems with the pool before signing the lease.

The Getachews say the pool, air conditioning, and other aspects of the house were plagued by problems that forced them to spend their own money on repairs in just their first three months there.

It's hard to get weepy for someone whose complaint is a flawed waterfall. However, if you're paying $ 11,000 a month, you have the right to expect things to work out. Rutkowski claims that anything could be fixed for about $ 3,000, but Getachew has done over $ 46,356.22 in repairs. The New York Post reiterates Rutkowski's affidavit as a ridiculous sum, but when a high-end pool breaks underground pipes it gets expensive pretty quickly. Even if it's not $ 46,000, it's definitely more than $ 3,000. Hell, $ 3,000 won't even pay for new winter cover for a pool.

In any case, you never expected Biglaw, Squatting and Disney to be all under the same heading, but it's 2020 and here we are.

Ex-Disney CFO claims a couple is crouching in their $ 2.2 million Connecticut mansion [New York Post].

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