Bush, Reagan’s attorney, argues that Barack Obama must be attorney basic within the Biden administration – TheBlaze

Should President-elect Joe Biden appoint former President Barack Obama as his attorney general? This is advocated by a former attorney for two former Republican presidents.

Douglas Kmiec, Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law at Pepperdine University School of Law who served in the office of Legal Adviser to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, claimed in an essay for The Hill that Obama’s appointment as Justice Department head “re “be – establish the rule of law. “

According to Kmiec, Biden as president “must be able to reassure estranged voters – Democrats, Republicans, or independents – that he is governing in the national interest” – and appoint Obama attorney general to accomplish such a monumental task.

Kmiec stated:

Biden’s almost plagiarized overuse of the metaphor of the red and blue state from the 2008 elections requires a significant increase in authenticity and actual evidence of the fairness applied. Instead of continuing to borrow Barack Obama’s trading line, he needs Obama himself. The quickest way to restore the rule of law is to have Biden appoint Obama Attorney General. If Biden were to keep Christopher Wray as head of the FBI and appoint the current Inspector General of Justice, Michael Horowitz, to head the Office of Legal Counsel at the same time, Biden would remove a great deal of division, doubt, and uncertainty.

Still, Kmiec, who served as ambassador to Malta in the Obama administration, admitted that such an appointment was “unprecedented” – but called it “necessary”.

Surprisingly, Kmiec suggested that Obama as attorney general should be the perfect stepping stone for Obama to later serve in the Supreme Court.

“We have never had a former president take over the management of an executive department for a successor president, but nothing precludes that, except possibly Michelle Obama. We have to leave this internal relationship to the former president – but [Obama] has the intelligence, youth, and character to get the job done, “wrote Kmiec.

“It is also the perfect preparation for the subsequent additional civil service at the Supreme Court,” he added.

Who is Biden considering for the AG?

According to CNN, the top candidates for the job are outgoing seniors. Doug Jones (D-Ala.), Judge Merrick Garland of the Federal Court of Appeals, and former Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is also reportedly being considered for the job, despite having stated that he is not interested in working for the Biden administration.

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