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Cadence Counsel’s FinTech Friday: A Bullish Strategy to a Rising Market [Sponsored]

FinTech, a combination of “finance” and “technology”, is a hot-button word of the moment. Whether referring to recent stock market events bringing meme lovers and day traders back home to make waves on Wall Street, to companies revolutionizing personal banking, the word epitomizes a diverse and dynamic industry.

FinTech originally described the technology that companies, business owners and consumers use to improve their management, operations, processes and development. More recently, however, the shift from large stationary financial institutions to more consumer-centric online services has also broadened the definition to include several different industries, and FinTech now encompasses a multitude of companies in areas that seem as diverse as education. Grocery, investment banking, retail, real estate, insurance, and cryptocurrency.

FinTech Friday, a weekly Q&A series and a new initiative from Cadence Counsel Directors Melissa Cohen and Ashley McCall, aims to highlight prominent lawyers in the FinTech space and demonstrate the diversity and dynamism of the region. FinTech Friday combines a personal interest in the intersection of financial services and technology with a desire to meet well qualified lawyers in the field and to have conversations with and between lawyers on an upward professional trend, FinTech Friday has already attracted much of interest in the market. By doing this, Melissa and Ashley were able to speak to senior lawyers from a number of large and emerging FinTech companies with an emphasis on representing female and diverse talent. FinTech is an expansive space that comes from a phenomenal talent pool.

In the past few weeks, Melissa and Ashley have posted interviews with lawyers whose experiences include Am law firms (Tracee Davis), big banks, startups and unicorns (Julie Lickstein), and companies that are helping fight COVID for some major ones Facilitate business (Damier Xandrine). Cadence Counsel will continue to focus on these consumer-facing organizations and the talents that are essential to their growth. Ashley and Melissa pride themselves on providing advice and insight from local lawyers to the attorneys and corporate executives of Cadence Counsel.

For more information on FinTech and FinTech companies, or to read these thought-provoking questions and answers, please reach out to Cadence Counsel on LinkedIn and Twitter. Be on the lookout for Cadence’s weekly FinTech Friday feature – and some exciting deals to be launched soon. If you would like to learn more about FinTech Friday and how you can be featured, or if you are interested in other ways of working with Cadence Counsel, please contact Melissa Cohen ([email protected]) and Ashley McCall (amccall @ cadencecounsel). com).

We are happy to hear from them. Happy FinTech Friday!

Ed. Note: This post is from Ashley McCall and Melissa Cohen of Cadence Counsel.

Ashley McCall

Ashley is the California-based recruiter for Cadence Counsel. She has spent her entire recruiting career with in-house attorneys and legal departments. Prior to that, she worked for a major international law firm for attorneys in executive positions at large and small companies, including companies in industries as diverse as cannabis, food and beverage, and life sciences. She prides itself on her ability to identify both skills and cultural fit and to build advisory relationships of trust with clients and candidates.

Melissa Cohen

Melissa is the east coast-based recruiter for Cadence Counsel. After graduating from law school and passing Florida Bar, she moved to Australia worldwide where she joined the largest specialist legal recruiting agency in the country and quickly became one of the few legal recruiters with a solid reputation across APAC. After a couple of years, she was hired by the industry’s leading law firm to join their in-house department, with a focus on placing attorneys at the highest level in corporate legal departments. As part of an in-house boutique group, Melissa offers her clients unparalleled transparency, communication and advice. Melissa’s success in referring lawyers is due to her strategic approach and ability to build lasting relationships with her clients and candidates.

Cadence Counsel is a boutique search firm that focuses solely on the placement of in-house counselors. We specialize in personnel consulting, ad-hoc placement and diversity & development consulting. Cadence Counsel is a certified women’s company and a leading provider of diversity for in-house lawyers within the Fortune 500.

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