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BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2021 / As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage and the number of infections in the U.S. continues to grow exponentially, we see a rapidly growing need for lawyers to represent tenants who are about to be evicted. Landlords with failures; Workers faced with violations of labor law; Individuals and companies facing bankruptcy; and so much more. Beilal Chatila, Esq., Recognized this surge, especially given the limitations potential clients have on hiring an attorney during this time. has partnered with an innovative company called LawChamps to find the most suitable lawyer for each client across the country.

By the time Beilal Chatila graduated from law school and moved from Detroit, MI to Oakland, CA, he had a mission in mind: to pass the grueling bar exam in California and open a law firm that would give people better access to the law. Almost five years later, Mr. Chatila has represented and advised hundreds of individuals and companies on transactional and process capacities. In addition to building a team of highly qualified employees, Mr. Chatila was able to successfully represent customers and keep costs low through the use of software and other technology-based tools. One of those tools was a cheap monthly subscription to a lead stream service called Court Buddy, which Mr. Chatila would keep many of his clients from. The same company is now called LawChamps and it’s better than ever.

“When a lawyer asks me how I was so successful, the first thing I do is send a link to and let him or her subscribe immediately. To this day, these lawyers are finding successes they couldn’t have imagined with the relatively small marketing budget they had. “

“If for some reason I can’t take a case, I refer the person to For these potential clients, it’s not just a free inquiry, they always find the right lawyer for them, or at least find out that their case has fatal problems. “

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Mr. Chatila has a passion for justice from a young age. He witnessed his father’s struggle with the law and the eventual deportation back to Lebanon. He also grew up at a gas station on Detroit’s East Side, on what is statistically considered one of the most impoverished and criminalized in the nation.

“I always knew I wanted to work with underserved communities that I grew up in,” Chatila says.

As a monthly subscriber to, Mr. Chatila has been able to market and represent the interests of everyone from business owners and migrant workers to single mothers facing eviction. With the new tools and increased capacity of LawChamps, Chatila is encouraging those looking for a lawyer to start there and lawyers looking for clients to look no further.

“2020 created difficulties that no one could have seen coming, and as a nation we will continue to see the effects for years to come,” says Chatila. “An eviction could drastically change the life of an innocent person, for example, and according to the CDC, an eviction is likely to lead to an increase in homelessness, which will contribute to the spread of COVID-19. and lawyers like me are there for these people. “

In his capacity as an advisor to LawChamps, Mr. Chatila will use his unique knowledge and experience to advance his mission to make access to a lawyer easier than ever.

To learn more about Beilal Chatila and its commitment to accessible, affordable legal representation, visit Visit to find the most appropriate attorney for most legal needs across the country. Competent solo practitioners are urged to join LawChamps’ network of affiliated attorneys.

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