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Capitol Rioter complains about being roughly thrown out of the riot by the police

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On today’s episode of “You Tried It,” Capitol Riot Defendant Daniel Egtvedt is asking the court to release him from prison pending trial for invading the Capitol and assaulting a police officer to get him return to its flawless “history of law” – citizen for 57 years. “The court should please ignore the fact that the Maryland State Police had to step in last month to prevent Mr. Egtvedt from physically preventing his brother from taking their elderly mother to get a COVID shot. Just a fun little misunderstanding, Your Honor!

The defense attorney would also like the court to ignore the government’s version of events, supported by videos, stills and affidavits by several officials, and instead accept the defendant’s account of what happened.

For example, prosecutors would lead the court to believe that Mr. Egtvedt assaulted a police officer after she ordered him to leave the Capitol.

Not so, says Mr Egtvedt. In fact, he was “violently attacked by police not just once but twice” with “his head ricocheting off a marble pillar and falling to the ground,” where he “remained unconscious and motionless for a few seconds, if not minutes.” ”

The government claims that after being subjugated, Mr Egtvedt “said he would not walk and stretch his arms and legs while lying on his back to prevent law enforcement from picking him up” and when they did He finally got him out the door and immediately attacked the same policewoman again when he tried to re-enter.

Or, as the defendant put it: “Mr. Egtvedt was picked up by two police officers and thrown through the door as if he were a noisy patron being kicked out of a nightclub. “Just, instead of a nightclub, it’s the seat of the American government. And instead of two cops, it’s five because he’s 6’2 ” and 320 lbs. Same difference.

Mr. Egtvedt’s lawyer describes him as a patriotic citizen who only exercises his First Amendment rights: “He never promoted the wrongdoing of others, but encouraged them to protest. He has never damaged federal property, never threatened law enforcement, and never said anything about the electoral college. ”

Although, the government notes, he gave several livestream interviews during the January 6 invasion exhorting viewers to join him and saying, “Everyone, if you see this, come here now.” We do not withdraw; This is our house. “And” We are in treacherous situations here. Guys, please come down to the United States Capitol now. “

But according to John Locke, it’s the police’s fault for giving him a concussion.

Notwithstanding the fact that others find the defendant’s beliefs to be irrational, it is clear that he was not acting with criminal intent. In the heat of the moment after you’ve likely suffered a concussion, you can forego your sanity and listen to the people around you. It is easy to replace passion with reason. Many people cannot reason abstractly in various circumstances, and this situation is no exception. When people cannot apply reason to a concept, they stop arguing. People do this all the time: you can give them a thought process, and especially if they have a head injury, they can’t use it rationally. See John Locke, An Essay on Human Understanding (1690).

And, the piece of resistance, Mr. Egtvedt demands to be released from prison because of COVID.

“He did not take the vaccine for COVID-19, which poses an additional risk to his health,” his attorney murmured with concern, noting that “reviewing the evidence with a client during the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly impossible is because the lawyer is signed and cannot travel to prison and because of the protection order in force. “

Please ignore the fact that Mr. Egtvedt told the Maryland police officers that the vaccine was intentionally used to kill a group of people as a “population control.” He also appears to view the federal government as an illegal agency and writes to Garrett County that if he were handed over to the government, he would be a “political prisoner in a foreign country”. Just take Mr. Egtvedt’s word that it is too dangerous for him to stay in jail and he will honor every condition of bail if he is released at his own discretion.

Here are some photos of Mr. Egtvedt in happier days.

It is not clear whether Mr Egtvedt will be released pending trial. But it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t be invited to the White House Christmas party with John Voight in 2021.

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Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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