Cardiologists accused of inappropriately touching patients

Two heart doctors are charged with sexual assault.

67-year-old Manhattan cardiologist Benjamin Zaremski was accused of inappropriately touching a patient (identified only as “Jane Doe”). Zaremski was previously accused of assaulting a patient in his office and now claims to have groped another woman’s genitals during an investigation. According to the allegations, “Zaremski” unbuckled the woman’s pants and “touched her vagina with an unloved hand” during a visit in November 2019.

The doctor has been in private practice since 1987 and offers both internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases. He reportedly specializes in diagnosing and treating cross-system diseases that can affect multiple organs. His website states: “I get to know each of my patients personally as a whole person and spend as much time with each patient as necessary. Before a patient leaves my office, I make sure that all of their questions and concerns have been answered. You will never feel rushed in my office and you will always be treated with respect and understanding. “

The first lawsuit against Zaremski was filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court in 2012. The woman said he had “stuck his finger in her rectum for no reason” and with “unnecessary force over her objections,” according to court records. The doctor could continue to practice.

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Another cardiologist, Dennis Doan, 46, who practices at the North Texas Heart Center in Weatherford, has been accused of inappropriately touching patients. In a complaint filed by the Texas Medical Board in late January this year, Doan was accused of “groping multiple patients and violating the Texas Medical Practice Act.” Patient Sunny Woodall said Doan “caused her physical pain when he squeezed her breasts,” and he was subsequently charged with assault.

Since Texas law treats improper touch as a minor offense, such abuse remains only a sexual offense and there is no way to raise the charge.

“Texas law has prevented the Parker County attorney from prosecuting a crime against Doan,” said Natalie Barnett, assistant prosecutor. “I believe that doctors who take advantage of their patients in this way must be held accountable for something greater than an offense.”

In the end, “all allegations of aggression and sexual inappropriateness were abandoned by the Parker County Attorney’s Office,” said defense attorneys Christy Jack and Letty Martinez of the Varghese Summersett law firm, adding, “As soon as Doan his has completed parole, no guilt will be found, the case will be dismissed, and he will have no conviction on his file. “

His victims believe the cardiologist got off too easily and will do it again. “Anyone looking from the outside in would say, ‘This is awful, and a doctor shouldn’t fumble on women,” said Kim D’Avignon, head of the Tarrant County’s adult sexual assault team leader we have no law to fix it. “

Jane Doe’s attorney declined to comment. Zaremski could not be reached immediately.


Manhattan cardiologist accused of fondling a patient during the investigation: lawsuit

Benjamin Zaremski, MD, internal medicine

Benjamin Zaremski MD, PC

According to critics, the doctor is accused of touching and molesting 22 women who have been discharged under Texas law

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