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Choose is censored for unleashing his fists of justice on lawyer

Former New York Administrative Judge Robert V. Beltrani was publicly censored this week by the First Justice Department of the Appeals Department of the New York Supreme Court. That’s because he allegedly beat a defender in 2016. Which doesn’t look good to any lawyer, let alone a judge. Beltrani agreed with the criticism.

As reported by ABA Journal, the incident occurred after a couple of cocktails at a legal industry event:

The party celebrated the opening of a friend’s law firm. According to the established facts, the incident occurred after Beltrani and attorney Sam Roberts “occupied” the open bar. They talked outside of the party. Roberts took a step towards Beltrani and touched his chest. Beltrani, who was drunk, hit Roberts in the head.

Roberts fell to the ground and Beltrani landed on top of him. Beltrani got up and left.

Beltrani was able to avoid a third-degree conviction for assault after taking an anger management course and completing 10 days of community service, the New York Daily News reported.

And in 2016 it was reported that shortly before the attack, Beltrani said “I will righteous” and “I kill people” before the drunken beating flew.

Beltrani had previously been dismissed from his judicial role following the incident. And in 2018, Beltrani pleaded guilty to a reduced harassment charge.

Roberts, the victim of it all, said his shoulder was permanently injured as a result, but the resolution was “fair and appropriate” and said, “We all make mistakes. I wish Mr. Beltrani all the best and hope that we can both move on. “

A very mature and measured response to an incident that was anything but.

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