CJP Asks Attorneys Not To Be Aggressive With Judges –

LAHORE: Pakistani Chief Justice (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad noted on Saturday that lawyers should stay away from aggression and wrongdoing towards judges.

He said there is no difference between lawyers and judges and that they are both part of the justice system. CJP Ahmad spoke to a gathering of lawyers at the Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) office.

He said times have changed and the eyes of several institutions and platforms, including social media, are on the actions of lawyers. The first priority of lawyers and judges should be the case law vis-à-vis the litigants, he added.

The chief judge said the concept of generational litigation must now be ended and the cases resolved quickly. He noted that consulting lawyers had resolved many judges-related issues.

CJP Ahmad said he was also an aggressive lawyer in his early days. He recalled his father once berating him during a hearing for improper conduct in court and said he later apologized to the judge.

The chief judge said he was glad that the culture of the strikes in Punjab had been discouraged. The Lahore High Court judge vacancy would soon be filled, he said, urging young lawyers to work hard and bring new laws to the courts for interpretation.

The LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan, Vice Chairman of the Pakistani Bar Council, Abid Saqi, and other advocate leaders also spoke on the occasion.

Later, CJP Ahmad opened a project to expand the PbBC building.

Posted in Dawn on December 20, 2020

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