DEA, US attorneys launch web site to struggle substance dysfunction stigma –

ALEXANDRIA, VA. (WFXR) – Leading federal law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth announce the launch of a new website to help tackle the silent substance disorder health epidemic.

At, those with a family member whose life has been tragically shortened by substance use disorder can share their story on social media.

“We hope that through this website we will give the Virgins an opportunity to share their buried stories about substance use disorders. Unfortunately, the stigma that has historically accompanied this disease often silences family and friends of the deceased. Those who succumb to substance use disorders are our loved ones: our parents, our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers and friends. They deserve to have their stories told without shame or stigma. “

G. Zachary Terwilliger, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

U.S. law firms in the eastern and western counties of Virginia, along with the DEA and other law enforcement partners, continue to work with families and advocates to help raise awareness that substance use disorders are not a choice.

#StoriesOverStigma is a social activation campaign that allows people in recovery and family members who have lost a loved one to share their stories and change the conversation.

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