Defense Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia: Misdemeanor and Felony Crimes

A criminal offense in Atlanta, GA is a violation of the law in which there is no requirement for malicious intent. To be convicted, it must only be shown that you had knowledge of the act and did not object to or try to stop it in Atlanta. A misdemeanor is an offense punishable by less than one year in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines. Felony offenses are more serious crimes with punishments including more than one-year imprisonment and fines exceeding $1,000.

What is a misdemeanor crime in Atlanta, Georgia?

As a defense attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, I have handled thousands of criminal cases. In most states, misdemeanors are crimes that do not carry the possibility of jail time for at least one year or more than two years. Some examples would be speeding tickets and minor assaults (where no injury occurred). The precise definition can vary from state to state, but generally speaking, people charged with misdemeanors face up to 12 months in prison Atlanta criminal defense lawyer.

Felony crimes

It’s important to understand that a felony is the most serious type of crime, and it can lead to some very severe consequences for Atlanta criminal defense lawyers. For example, if you’re convicted for committing murder or manslaughter as a result of DUI, then this would be classified as a felony crime. In addition, convicted felons may not have any restrictions on their right to own firearms in Atlanta, Georgia, which makes it much more dangerous than other states with strict laws against owning guns by those with criminal records.

How to choose the best defense attorney for your case

The first step in choosing the right defense attorney is to be as informed about your case as possible. It’s often a good idea to meet with several different criminal attorneys in Atlanta before making what can be a life-changing decision. During those initial meetings, you should not only discuss their experience but also how they handle cases similar to yours and whether or not they will work hard for you if it comes down to negotiating an agreement between yourself and a prosecuting attorney.

The benefits of hiring an experienced criminal lawyer for your misdemeanor or felony offense

If you commit a misdemeanor or felony offense, it is vital that you hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Atlanta. The most important benefits of hiring an attorney are: Having someone who understands the legal system and knows how to navigate your case through the court system; Understanding what kinds of evidence will be looked at by prosecutors when building their case against you; Knowing which defenses would work best for your particular situation.

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