Derek Chauvin Trial: Former Counsel for Officer Beginning His Defense Against George Floyd –

Derek Chauvin’s attorney, the ex-officer charged with the murder of George Floyd, will step up his defense in his murder trial on Tuesday, amid speculation as to whether his client will take a stand.

What follows is an eleven day testimony from the prosecutor, who argued, through more than two dozen witnesses, that Mr. Chauvin used excessive force while kneeling on Mr. Floyd for more than nine minutes in Minneapolis last May.

Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson is expected to be testified by his own experts that it was Mr. Floyd’s drug use and bad heart, not the former officer’s actions, that killed him.

The defense has not yet said whether Mr Chauvin will take a stand. Legal analysts disagree on whether Mr Chauvin’s testimony could help or hinder his case.

While defendants are often advised not to take a stand, some argue that Mr Chauvin’s state of mind during the fatal arrest is central to the case and could help humanize the 45-year-old in the eyes of the jury.

The prosecution closed her case with George Floyd’s younger brother on Monday, giving an emotional account of her early years in Houston, Texas.

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