Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney: Strategies to Prepare for a Car Accident

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves in a car accident. When this happens, it can be overwhelming and scary. One of the best ways to prepare for an accident is by contacting a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth, TX. Injury lawyers have dealt with these types of cases before and know how to help you get the compensation that you deserve following your accident. This blog post will provide information on what to do after a car accident as well as how hiring an injury lawyer in Fort Worth could help make things easier for you during this difficult time in your life!

Wear your seat belt.

Seat belts are the most effective way to reduce injury severity in a crash. In one study, 12% of lap belt users and 32% of shoulder strap users were seriously injured or killed in crashes compared with 27% for those who did not wear seat belts. Head injuries have been shown to be reduced by as much as 73%. The force from an airbag can increase your risk of dying if you’re unrestrained, best auto accident lawyer in Fort Worth.

Stay in the car and call for help if you are injured or trapped

The next step is to stay in the car and call for help if you are injured or trapped. Don’t move from your seat, but at a minimum try to use your phone while staying as still as possible. If you have an airbag deployment notice on your dashboard that reads “AirBag Deployed” don’t hesitate to contact us right away! The Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney will be able to assist with any questions and concerns about these issues. It’s never too late – we’ll fight aggressively for your best interests even after the accident has occurred because it can take hours before symptoms start showing up at the auto accident attorney Fort Worth.

If you can’t stay in the car, get yourself to a safe place as quickly as possible by staying on sidewalks 

If you can’t stay in the car, get yourself to a safe place as quickly as possible by staying on sidewalks and running across streets. Accident attorneys Fort Worth remove any objects from your pockets that may cause more damage if they come loose during an accident (ie: keys or sharp items). Carefully exit the vehicle without touching anything inside of it until law enforcement personnel instruct you otherwise.

Keep your hands free so that they’re available to push people and objects out of the way 

Put your phone on silent so that it doesn’t ring or beep. There’s no need to stay connected during an emergency, and if you do get a call, tell the caller where they can reach you after the conflict is over car accidents lawyers in Fort Worth. If someone in your car has been injured but their neck isn’t broken, don’t move them unless they’re blocking another person from getting out of the vehicle. The only exception would be if there are potential spinal injuries.

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