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Gaetz’s PR team tries to enchant the sex scandal by threatening journalists

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“We are trying to get an immediate print and an on-air cancellation notice. Failure to comply with this request can lead to legal disputes, ”said pro-Trump expert Erin Elmore in an email to Politico on behalf of her client Matt Gaetz.

Elmore, a former Apprentice candidate and a regular member of the Conservative Crescent Moons, is actually admitted to the Pennsylvania bar. She has no excuse for not knowing the actual standard of malevolence for reporting a public figure. Even so, Elmore, as a member of the Logan Circle Group’s public relations team, sent a similar nasty gram to the Daily Beast, warning that a lawyer would “closely monitor” your coverage of the contested congressman.

Both outlets immediately printed extracts from their emails as soon as they stopped laughing.

Apparently, the flashy details about allegedly paid sex with teenagers, one of whom may have been a minor at the time, are not the main concern of the Logan Circle Group. These accomplished professionals are most trained on the suggestion that Gaetz is a persona non grata in Trumpland these days.

Last Friday, the Daily Beast reported that the former president’s coterie had convinced him to remain silent about Gaetz, also because the alleged behavior did not seem at all unusual for the 38-year-old congressman.

“Trump World officials say the silence is due to a variety of factors,” Politico reported Tuesday. “This includes the fact that Gaetz has always been viewed as a grenade whose needle has already been pulled. The congressman had a reputation for a wild personal lifestyle that, staff say, occasionally bordered on recklessness. “

In an ironic twist for someone accused of bombarding their colleagues with naked photos of their sexual conquests, the outlet reports: “Some of Gaetz’s own aides regularly sent embarrassing videos of their boss to other GOP employees, according to two well-known people with the videos. “

“Anyone who has ever spent 10 minutes with the guy would realize that he is a dubious person,” a former Trump campaign employee told Politico.

On Wednesday, after the New York Times reported that Gaetz had apologized to the White House over the past few weeks of Trump’s presidency (i.e., as the investigation into his sidekick Joel Greenberg got closer), the president finally issued a lukewarm defense statement .

“Congressman Matt Gaetz never asked my pardon,” he said in one of his fake tweets. “It must also be remembered that he completely denied the allegations against him.”

And Erin Elmore, who knows as much about linear time as the New York Times standard versus Sullivan, stepped into action. If something was true on Tuesday and it is no longer true on Wednesday, it means that the story was defamatory on Tuesday and must be withdrawn. Check and pair!

President Trump issued a statement stating that Congressman Gaetz never asked for a presidential pardon. Such a statement would also indicate that President Donald Trump has not distanced himself from Congressman Gaetz, ”she wrote to Politico.

Spoiler Alert: Politico has not withdrawn the story.

In the meantime, after a week of shouting his stupid mouth, Rep. Gaetz finally seems to have rumored that he might be in a little place of deep shit. CNBC reports that it has hired defense attorney Marc Mukasey, who also represents Trump, and Isabelle Kirshner, partner at Clayman & Rosenberg in New York. Perhaps they explain that yapping on TV that your father has a wire for the FBI isn’t the move yapping when you’re under federal investigation. And that the first rule of any criminal investigation is OMG, shut up.

That would put Gaetz ‘very professional lawyers on a collision course with his slightly less professional PR team. The Logan Circle idiots (sorry, not sorry) are led by Harlan Hill, whose main claim to fame seems to be his willingness to say absolutely any ridiculous, indiscreet thing in defense of Donald Trump.

Here he threatens to go to Philadelphia and screw himself up to stop the vote count.

I’m going to Philly with a team tomorrow.

This is war.

– HARLAN Z. HILL ???????? (@Harlan) November 5, 2020

Oh no, protect Gritty!

Here is Hill in happier days before he was banned from Fox in November for calling Vice President-elect Kamala Harris an “unbearable lying bitch.”

. @ Harlan in Huma Abedin’s emails: “Why isn’t there a thorough investigation here? Now that the Republicans are in control of Capitol Hill, why is there no investigation?”

– FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) January 3, 2018

Yes, he looks like three toddlers in a trench coat. Maybe Mukasey and Kirshner can stop him from blowing up their legal strategy with a packet of fruit roll-ups.

Cant wait to see this Brain Trust forward these Venmo payments to the owner of OrlandoSugarDaddy dot com.

Gaetz-affiliated group threatens to sue reporters who write about his Trump relationship [Politico]Gaetz paid accused sex trafficker who then venmo’d teen [Daily Beast]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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