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Grow Your Legal Practice by Partnering With a Local Real Estate Agent That Knows Digital Marketing

If you’ve ever been on a professional realtor’s website, it’s hard to not be impressed with the attention to detail given to the site. A lot of effort goes into making sure the site promotes the brand, provides great content, and gives homebuyers and sellers a very pleasant experience. 

That’s because realtors understand that mastering the art of digital marketing is crucial to getting clients and growing their business. Without an effective digital marketing strategy it will be nearly impossible for your legal practice to remain competitive in today’s market.    

If you’re looking to grow your legal practice, you should definitely consider partnering with a local real estate agent. Successful local realtors are well-versed in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. 

It’s what’s helped them reach be successful in their careers, and they can provide some valuable tips to help you grow your business. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways local real estate agents can use their experience in digital marketing to help you stand out from the crowd. 

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Develop a robust digital marketing campaign

Many law firms underestimate the importance of digital marketing. That presents a tremendous opportunity to get ahead of them and grow your legal practice. When done correctly, your digital strategy will promote your brand and help you stand out from your competitors. 

Most people do their own research online

Most people go online to look up virtually any kind of information they need. Even if your mother recommended a new restaurant, chances are that you’ll still have a peek online before going. 

The ease-of-use and convenience that the internet and mobile apps provide has dramatically transformed the way consumers make their buying decisions. At the end of the day, however, they need a legal expert like you to guide them through a court process. 

That is, of course, assuming they can even find you online. As the saying goes, if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. 

Video and mobile marketing

Most consumers browse websites and look up information right from their smartphones. That makes them an ideal target audience for mobile ad campaigns. Research shows that using mobile ads is one of the most effective strategies to execute. 

Using videos has been shown to be effective at boosting conversion rates. By simply adding a video to a landing page, you have the potential to increase conversion by up to 80%. With people so busy doing their day-to-days, videos are a convenient way to showcase your services and products. 

In addition, videos earn high marks from Google in terms of ranking power since they tend to increase customer engagement. 

Reach your target audience

Traditional marketing methods like print and banner displays pale in comparison to the effectiveness provided by digital marketing. If you’re looking to target customers that are beyond your locality, you can simply use online paid ads to target your specific audience. 

Simply put, digital marketing makes it easy to get your message in front of the people you want to target. 

Why partner with a local real estate agent?

Of all professions, what makes a real estate agent an ideal partner to develop a digital marketing strategy with? Well, first of all, realtors build up their businesses by building a book of clients and forming strong relationships. 

In this day and age, that requires developing a strong online presence and maintaining an active digital marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the most important digital marketing strategies used by real estate agents. 

  • Master the art of email marketing:
    Email marketing may be one of the oldest strategies in digital marketing, but to this day it stands out as an incredibly effective tool. They offer incredibly high conversion rates and can be customized to target specific segments of your client base.

    Studies show that 86% of consumers still prefer to receive emails from their favorite brands. Big companies like Zillow sell consumer contact and budget information to many real estate firms. Realtors use this opportunity to build up their email list and collect leads.
  • Create a website clients like to use:
    Consumers today have more options than ever before deciding to engage and do business with a brand. Having a website they can easily find online and looks great on any electronic device is now considered a minimum requirement for any business.

    But when you are able to create a website that provides a ton of value to your customers, they will be more likely to come back and even send you referrals. You can provide value by posting great content on a regular basis and providing them tools to better access information.

  • Develop a robust content marketing strategy:
    Content marketing helps you build credibility, brand awareness, and the opportunity to connect with your clients. Most consumers look up websites for law firms in search of specific information they need. Giving them content they need, will keep them coming back for more.
    Content marketing is also a critical part of SEO so the more content you create, the more visitors you can potentially attract. Both are critical factors to boosting your SEO ranking in the search engine results.
  • Get on social media:
    Social media has become a major tool for successful realtors to grow their business. Of course, we’re not talking about putting up a business page and posting pictures every now and then.
    We’re talking about developing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that will help you achieve the results you need. Lawyers are widely respected as professionals who really know what they are talking about.
    By posting useful content that will add value to your audience, you can eventually establish yourself as a social media influencer. 

As you can see, learning how to develop an effective digital marketing campaign has the potential to transform your legal practice. By getting expert guidance from successful real estate agents, they will help you fast-track your way to growth. 

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