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Harvard Legislation Evaluation elects its first Muslim president

With all of the recent efforts by law schools and law firms committed to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, the makeup of the country’s major legal reviews has often been neglected. For the past decade (and before) Harvard Law School has taken the lead on these issues.

In 2007 the Harvard Law Review elected its first Hispanic president. In 2011 the Harvard Law Review elected its first openly gay president. In 2017, the Harvard Law Review welcomed the first black woman to serve as president. That same year, the Harvard Law Review selected a predominantly female editorial class for the first time in history. Now, in 2021, the Harvard Law Review marks another historic first.

The Harvard Law Review recently elected Hassaan Shahawy ’22 as its 135th President. Shahawy is the first Muslim to ever serve in this prestigious role. Here’s what he had to say about his new position in an interview with Reuters:

Shahawy said he hopes his election represents “the law academy’s growing recognition of the importance of diversity and possibly growing respect for other legal traditions.” …

“I hope this comes from a community that is routinely demonized in American public discourse, even if it is small and symbolic,” Shahawy, 26, told Reuters in an email.

Shahawy, a Harvard graduate who went on to study on a Rhodes Scholarship, has worked with refugee populations and researched criminal justice reform. He is interested in getting an academic education or becoming a public interest advocate.

Congratulations to Hassaan Shahawy on his groundbreaking achievement.

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