Hennepin County attorney battles MN Freedom Fund –

HENNEPIN COUNTY, MN – The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on Thursday reviewed the Minnesota Freedom Fund group by announcing new criminal offenses against a man who was rescued twice by the group.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund received more than $ 30 million in donations following the death of George Floyd. The donors included Hollywood stars like Seth Rogen, Steve Carrell and Jameela Jamil, reports The Minnesota Reformer.

The law firm issued a press release on Thursday titled “You got out twice, charged with three new crimes.”

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According to the law firm, Moseley, 29, from Minneapolis received an unconditional release following property damage and gun possession charges in August and October after the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted $ 5,000 bail.

Moseley and others were later charged with second degree rioting over “New Year’s Eve hand-to-hand combat” in downtown Minneapolis, the law firm said. At that point, the bail was set at $ 60,000 and the Minnesota Freedom Fund paid it in full, according to authorities.

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On Thursday, the law firm announced that Mosley had been charged with three new offenses and is under investigation over a possible separate gun crime.

The three new charges are rioting with a dangerous weapon, fifth degree drug possession, and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund told Patch that it will not discriminate when deciding who should be released from prison.


The judges twice deny a couple’s legal rights over their birth twins born from a pregnancy substitute that does not claim the babies.

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund believes that anyone arrested by the police is innocent until proven guilty and does not have to wait in jail simply because they do not have the same income or resources as others with more financial resources Has privileges, “the group said Patch in an email Thursday evening.


The judges twice deny a couple’s legal rights over their birth twins born from a pregnancy substitute that does not claim the babies.

“We are not making any findings in support of bail based on the crimes allegedly committed by individuals.”

The group also spoke out against property-based pre-trial detention:

“Furthermore, we are not signing the district attorney’s agenda to maintain a racist and classical system that uses bail as a means to detain individuals before their trial, regardless of community support and the ability to set their court dates. As attorney from Thomas Moseley stated, “This is a persecution of a political activist with prosecutors who are using an organization that is helping to pay bail people as an excuse for increasing their bail.” Instead of working towards progressive reform of pre-trial detention, these That month in Cook County, Illinois is really necessary and to be seen, the Hennepin County’s attorney’s office is moving in the opposite direction. The Minnesota Freedom Fund wholeheartedly agrees with Washington County attorney Peter Orput quoted in the attorney’s announcement from Hennepin, Mike Free man, last month, a feeble gesture masquerading as bail reform in Hennepin County: “Bail and public safety have nothing to do with each other.” We’ll be excited to see how the prosecution talks about bail reform of the Hennepin district started in December, continues into the new year and is reflected in how the system deals with this person.

Read about the charges against Moseley here.

To request the removal of your name from an arrest report, please send these required items to [email protected]

The lawyer for the Hennepin district is fighting with the MN Freedom Fund

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