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If companies are planning to return to work, these new resources will help them with legal advice

As businesses plan a safe return to the office, two new resources – including a free one – are available to help lawyers advise them on accessing comparative federal and state law requirements and case law.

One of these new back-to-office resources is an extension of the COVID-19 State & Federal Compare Smart Chart, a comprehensive, free resource that Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US first launched shortly after the pandemic broke out Legal and compliance experts.

The other new resource is an expansion of the COVID-19 resource available free of charge to subscribers to WK’s Cheetah and Cheetah for Corporate Counsel research platforms on trends related to return to the office.

Smart chart back to the office

WK’s Smart Chart technology enables users to easily find legal research information and filter it by parameters such as jurisdictions and subjects to create custom summaries.

The extended Smart Chart covers new back-to-office topics.

The enhanced back-to-office version launched today adds a back-to-office main theme with subtopics like vaccination regulations, face mask and shield requirements, social distancing and capacity restrictions, business type restrictions, as well as CDC and state health authorities’ guidelines and recommendations.

While the Smart Chart content is the same in both the open web version and the Cheetah subscriber version, subscribers get additional features. This includes the ability to compare versions of legal sources, e.g. For example, to view the latest changes to a specific policy. Subscribers also have the option to save Smart Chart searches.

WK updates the resources of the chart weekly.

WK has expanded the back-to-office resources available to Cheetah subscribers.

Jurisprudence and trends

For subscribers to its Cheetah research platforms, WK has expanded its COVID-19 resources to include notable cases, mainly work and employment related cases related to return to work policies. More than 25,000 lawsuits related to the pandemic have already been filed, says WK.

This transgression of jurisdiction includes issues such as personal injury and wrongful death; Employment, Compensation, and Unlawful Dismissal; Business interruption insurance; Privacy; Reimbursement disputes; Shareholder disputes; and the travel industry.

WK also adds new coverage of emerging trends related to the return to office issue, such as:

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