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In the event you haven't obtained a Biglaw Case Bonus but, you in all probability gained't

Waiting is the hardest part.

The more days go by, the less likely it is that more biglaw firms will make special offers to their employees. Nuses, in recognition of their hard work during the pandemic. It's almost November, after all, and many companies would rather continue their normal bonus plan even if they intend to give out special bonuses at some point. In this way, Cravath's wait-and-see approach has become a model for large parts of Biglaw.

This certainly seems to be the case with Gibson Dunn. The highly successful law firm, which ranks 11th on the latest Am Law rankings with gross sales of $ 2,008,334,000, will wait until the end of the year "after our normal employee / attorney review process has been completed," according to the tipster. The good news is that the company is apparently signaling that there will indeed be special COVID recognition rewards (an insider says the company has referred to "both standard and special bonuses") and that "the company is fully committed to the Providing competitiveness has been and remains remuneration. "And those year-end bonuses will be paid out by December 22nd at the latest, just in time to do some last-minute vacation shopping.

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