Indianapolis Police Not Charged in Loss of life of Black Indiana Lawyer

Four Indianapolis police officers will not be charged with fatal shooting in a black man after a fifth officer shot another black man, prosecutors said Friday.

McHale Rose, 19, was fatally shot and killed on May 7 after calling 911 to falsely report a break-in at an apartment north of the city. At the time, he was armed with an AK-47-style semi-automatic rifle, the Marion County Attorney’s Office said in a 10-page report.

“A full review of the evidence shows that the actions of the four … officers did not meet Indiana legal standards in support of criminal complaints,” the prosecutor said in a press release.

Rose had recorded herself live on Instagram holding a rifle and reloading the gun before the police arrived.

“The unbiased evidence shows that Mr. Rose shot first and the police returned fire in self-defense,” the prosecutor said in their report.

Rose’s family has been informed of the decision not to bring charges, prosecutors said.

Rose’s death came hours after police fatally shot Dreasjon “Sean” Reed after being followed by police. The chase was witnessed and the gunshots heard by thousands on Facebook Live as Reed was streamed on the internet. A grand jury declined to indict the officer involved in the shooting.

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