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Information are troublesome for Brett Kavanaugh

Ed. Note: Welcome to our daily trivia question of the day!

Brett Kavanaugh's approval of the Democratic National Committee against Wisconsin State Legislature has been criticized for a number of factual inaccuracies. Among them, Kavanaugh incorrectly wrote that which state (which became part of the United States in 1791 and acted as a counterbalance to the admission of the slave state Kentucky) "decided not to change its ordinary electoral rules" in response to the pandemic?

Note: The Secretary of State has said Kavanaugh's claim is "just not true". Due to COVID-19, this state sent a ballot paper to every registered voter on October 1st, and this “took into account our decision to have an election day receipt deadline instead of the postmark. We also approved voting slip processing within 30 days. These are our (state) specific solutions, but the needs of other states are different. Number. Everyone. Poll."

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