“Innocent until Proven Guilty,” Attorney Defends Man Accused of Murder in Goldsboro Corpse –

– Willie Lee Langston’s attorney did a proxy defense Tuesday when his client appeared on trial for murder. Langston is linked to the discovery of the dismembered body of a woman in a driveway in Goldsboro.

“This is the United States of A.pepperand a man is innocent until proven guilty, ”the attorney explained, arguing that Langston, 29, of LaGrange, will be released on bail while awaiting trial.

Goldsboro Police arrested Langston Friday while trying to collect his car, which had been seized as part of the investigation.

Last Monday, Rodney Daniels drove to a dirty scene at his home on the 300 block of Bright Street near downtown Goldsboro.

“I just got in front of my house. It looks like there’s a decaying corpse on my driveway,” Daniels told the dispatcher.

Investigators said the body was that of a white woman, likely in her thirties. Confident that they have identified the remains, they are waiting for DNA confirmation.

The police told the neighbors that the murder did not occur there and that the neighborhood was not targeted.

Langston’s attorney argued that he posed no flight risk and would be willing to wear an ankle monitor. He said his client’s family had spent all of their savings hiring him for the day and asked to provide a court-appointed attorney for future hearings on the case.

The prosecutor refused any loan and told Lfearful could face the death penalty or life imprisonment depending on whether the state charges him with first degree murder.

The judge agreed, and Langston will be left indefinitely at the Wayne County Detention Center.

He will have to stand trial again on June 17th.

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