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Introduction of ATL Authorized Expertise Non-Occasion

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically accelerated the already rapid technological change in the legal industry. Yet lawyers are still known to be innovation-resistant – and the diffusion of virtual events has failed to reach lawyers’ audiences and drive the necessary changes.

With this in mind, Above the Law brings the conversation about legal technology to the entire community and starts a “Non-eventFocused on where the rubber meets the path for lawyers and innovation. The non-event is specifically aimed at lawyers – the key decision-makers in a law firm’s purchasing decisions – as opposed to the niche technology professionals who are often served by technology events.

The non-event gives lawyers a direct experience of how technology can boost their careers and optimize their practice – and ultimately, help lawyers research into buying and implementing a wide variety of technology products. To fully explore these issues, Above the Law has partnered with its subsidiary Evolve the Law as well as Legal Tech Media Group, whose Buying Guides are the go-to place for legal tech buyers.

We look forward to (not) seeing you there.

Interested in sponsoring opportunities as part of the ATL Non-Event? Please contact Ashley Spector for more information.

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