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Introduction to the Legal Tech-To-English Dictionary!

Ed. Note: This is the first edition of the Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary, which is part of our non-event for technically baffled lawyers. Jared Correia is the host of the non-event cast.

There is a term for when lawyers use Latin and other arcane languages ​​to describe legal processes to consumers: “legalese”.

However, there is no similar term in the event vendors use technical and other arcane languages ​​to describe their legal software operations to attorneys.

This dynamic may seem unfair. But now we have the Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary to help us deal with it.

Read on for the first issue where we translate AI related topics into plain English.

Further comments on Legal Tech can be found in the non-event cast in the rooms Law Practice Management Software, Legal Document Management Software and Legal Operations Contract Lifecycle Management in Above the Law Non-Event.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The process by which computer systems can learn to perform tasks traditionally reserved for human intelligence.
Yeah, I don’t know what the hell it means either. But robots?
A descriptor attached to each product to make consumers believe that this product reflects a forward-looking and modernist approach.

Attorney 1: Hey, I thought this product used AI.

Lawyer 2: Yes, they just hired a ton of people to work faster than their competitors and to make it look like they were using AI.

See these “Simpsons” where Mr. Burns has 1,000 monkeys working on 1,000 typewriters, but the best they can think of is: “It was the best time, it was the best time. . . ” (See also “Infinite ape set. ”)

Machine learning

The creation and use of computer systems that can learn from data without human intervention.
The process by which machines eventually become our masters and take over the known universe.
Haven’t you seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron” or even “Wall-E”? I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

Attorney 1: I thought machine learning was cool until my microwave cracked my pet ferret and cooked it.

Lawyer 2: The good news is that ferret meat is surprisingly tender.

see “On the one hand, I welcome our new robot overlords.” (See also everything comes back to “The Simpsons”.)

Deep learning

A subspecialty of artificial intelligence, in which machines learn from large amounts of data via artificial neural networks to mimic the operations of the human brain and the learning of humans.
The method by which robots can ultimately take over the work of a highly skilled workforce.

see “My CPU is a neural network processor, a learning computer.” (See also Vintage Pranks With Arnold Schwarzenegger Themes.)

Robotic process automation

A business process automation system that trains bots or software to perform tasks normally reserved for human workers.
Workflow automation technology, but robots.

See How cool everything was in “Bicentennial Man” until the robot Robin Williams started feeling emotions and wanted to do more than just housework. It turns out that even the best of robot bondage schemes are likely to lead to the ultimate destruction of humanity.


1. A method of predicting behavior in AI models by comparing the relationship between two variables.

see that 1978 Boston Red Sox.

Jared Correia, consultant and legal technology expert, is the host of the Non-Eventcast, the podcast of the Above-the-Law-Non-Event for technically baffled lawyers.


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